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Friday, 14 June 2013

Logitech and Moga to launch official iOS gaming controllers

Tucked away in the WWDC iOS 7 presentation was a mention that Apple has added game controller SDK, specifications and during one of the workshops, it mentioned that long-time accessory maker Logitech and Moga are producing controllers to bring proper gaming to the iPad and iPhone family.

There are two different types, a standard-style Xbox/PS3 controller (although the presentation version looks rather like a Nintendo Classic controller) but with thumb triggers, dualsticks and the usual colored face buttons. For those who want to game with their iPhone, there's an alternate version that turns the phone basically into a rather ungainly take on Sony's PS Vita.

Moga already works with Android devices, so shouldn't have too much trouble getting to grips with the iPhone. With the best-in-class Apple games already looking as good as their console counterparts, and offering superb HD resolutions, the addition of some proper buttons could see iOS challenging Xbox One and PS4 for users' gaming spending later this year.

Sure, its a bit clunky using Apple TV and AirPlay to get the games up on a big-screen TV, but by next year, assuming Apple launches its own HD sets, console gaming will have a big new competitor, with the tightest app/game/store integration yet seen.

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