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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Battle Isle series returns to iOS

BlueByte's much-loved 16-bit combat game series Battle Isle is set to return on iOS devices. Newly-formed company Stratotainment owns the rights and will bring a new game to devices later this year, not much apart from the logo and the usual PR guff.

Just days after announcing the launch of Stratotainment, the brand new mobile game publisher and developer excitedly announced a reboot for legendary series Battle Isle and revealed the title for it’s inaugural game, ‘Battle Isle: Threshold Run’.

Thomas Hertzler, Stratotainment Founder and CEO, said, “Having observed the rise of the mobile platforms in the last few years, combined with my personal interest in the turn-based genre in general, I decided that it was long overdue to reboot Battle Isle. Fans of the genre will appreciate how this turn-based strategy war universe evolves. Battle Isle: Threshold Run promises to have an intense new storyline, seriously immersive game play and a few surprises thrown in.”

Mark Hall, VP, commented on the value of Battle Isle as a brand. “When we first formulated a plan for the company, Thomas and I wanted to make more than a game; we wanted to build a franchise. What better than a worldwide, renowned property such as Battle Isle and from the original creative mind behind it? Battle Isle has legions of fans all over the globe; now it's time for the ‘property’ to evolve.” Hall concluded with “The value of the Battle Isle name cannot be understated, especially for us as a new company.”

Battle Isle: Threshold Run, developed by Thunderdog and Stratotainment, is set for a Q4-2013 release on the iOS mobile platform, exclusively via the online Apple Store.

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