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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sonic Runners races on to iOS

Purist fans of the flashy hedgehog might be a bit upset by this, but Sonic has joined the endless army of endless runner games with another free to play, DLC-laden offering. Going back to the look of the MegaDrive/Genesis original, its a least bit more pacey than the lame Sonic Dash effort. All you have to do is tap to jump to keep Sonic or his racing pals safe.

It comes with competitive play modes; “Rival League”, “Friend,” “World,” and “Historical.” leaderboards. The game features Sonic and his friends packing all sorts of bonuses like speed, gem collection, and more as they race their way to the top.

Sonic fans can look forward to special missions, new characters and buddies, in-game events and more content to follow. Unfortunately the game treats all players like four year olds, and there's none of the fun level design of early Sonic.

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