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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Slender Man II to ramp up the scares

Just in time for Halloween comes another romp through the dark minds of the Bigzur developers thanks to another Slender Man saga. This time its personal (have I heard that before?).

Your daughter has gone missing … kidnapped, and you must persevere, survive, and do everything in your power to get her back! Through your path lies dark dungeons, mysterious catacombs and ancient ruins, all containing dangers and surprises when you least expect it. Your only weapon and defence is your wits and your ability to observe. You will discover obstacles, hidden paths, door that cannot open, and behind every corner and nook lies nothing but uncertainty. Explore the deepest reaches, reveal hidden secrets, and learn revelations about the story and events unfolding as you adventure, desperately trying to save your child. Remember … the Slenderman is watching you …

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