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Thursday, 3 January 2013

#CES2013: Mad Catz GameSmart to make game controllers work across iPads and other devices

Mad Catz is making its future devices "GameSmart compatible," which is a technology initiative that moves smart devices one step closer to delivering a core gaming experience similar to a gaming console or PC. Of course, any other controller maker can do this too, so expect a range of competing non-standards (think Game Center vs. OpenFeint) in games for some time to come.

GameSmart control products will function through the Bluetooth Smart stack, and will be game and hardware independent, with a smart device app for iOS or Android to provide additional functionality. By utilizing Bluetooth Smart, GameSmart devices will feature simplified setup, longer battery life and universal compatibility. In addition, GameSmart offers game developers and game publishers standardization, ease of implementation and scalability when enabling controller and console-like accessory functionality in mobile games.

All you'll need is a dock for your iPad or perhaps a gamepad that can accept your smartphone to create an all-portable solution. Mad Catz intends to launch a full range of GameSmart products, including game controllers, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, headsets, and other speciality controllers. The GameSmart products will also be app-enabled to provide additional functionality. The first wave of GameSmart products will be announced at CES 2013 and are expected to launch shortly thereafter.

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