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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Square Enix brings junior RPG Wizardlings to iOS

Okay, its not really core-gaming square territory, but this could still give younger iOS role players (that'll be your kids then) something to enjoy as they learn the ways of the rogue or bard. Wizardlings is a casual "tap adventure" set in a fun, fantasy world, is now available for free download for iPhone and iPad.

Translating the below press blurb, players tap squares to banish the darkness, collect goodies and fight demons, I'm not sure if tapping on every square in a level is supposed to be fun (even for a child) but the RPG-lite features and mildly varied combat should win fans.

PR blurb:

As a young wizard or witch, Wizardlings players embark on a quest to banish the darkness and revive a cursed fantasy world. Along the way, players collect interesting and unique treasures, find ingredients to brew powerful spells, and battle menacing creatures to purify the world of evil.

 Wizardlings challenges players to explore unique landscapes by using magic wands to fight back the shadows that cover the world and reveal the vibrant land hidden beneath. With each new tile uncovered, the player reveals flowers, trees, buildings, and hundreds of other objects and treasures - some of which are used as ingredients to create mighty spells.

Beware - lurking in the shadows are dangerous monsters guarding various tiles that players must defeat in order to bring the Light back to all corners of the world. Brew powerful spells from the magical Spellbook to vanquish these monsters and reclaim the oppressed land. Wizardlings features include:

 Exploration and Discovery: By tapping the various tiles, players reveal the world around them as they play. Hidden in the darkness are treasure items, ingredients for spells, quest items, and vibrantly colored landscape items.

Highly Stylized Art and Animation: In the gorgeous fantasy setting of Skywind, Wizardlings features beautiful and playful art and animations that will look stunning on mobile devices.

Fun, Magical Combat: Players use a spellbook to brew and cast magic from five schools of elemental powers: Fire, Water, Charge, Air and Holy. Players brew new spells from ingredients discovered within the world and select spells from each school of magic that best defeats the monsters they encounter.

Collectibles: Treasures, ingredients, and quest items are hidden throughout the land waiting to be discovered. With hundreds of unique treasures and items to find and collect, even the most tenacious treasure hunters will be challenged to discover them all!

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